Yakunara Mug Cup Mo

Yakunara Mug Cup Mo


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Yakunara MugCup Mo vol.5

Himeno broke her father’s favorite bowl and,
with the help of memory,
decided to reproduce the bowl with her friends of Togei-bu.
What kind of bowl they make?

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Yakunara MugCup Mo vol.4

The school festival of Oribe Gakuen High School is coming soon. Himeno and Mika is preparing a refreshment stand and a pottery-making stand.
Toko has a sad expression in contrast to her happy two friends.
What is the reason for her lonely face?

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Yakunara MugCup Mo vol.3

Tajimi is one of the hottest cities in Japan.
One day in summer, Himeno is taken by Mika and Naoko to make charcoal at a campground.
How can pottery be fired in charcoal?
What does Naoko love about summer?

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Yakunara MugCup Mo vol.2

Himeno joined the Togei-bu.
One day, when she and the adviser enter the clubroom, Mika and Toko, who should be close, look serious.
What happened to the two childhood friends?

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Yakunara MugCup Mo vol.1

Toyokawa Himeno is a high school girl who moved to Tajimi.
On the transfer first day, Kukuri Mika gets Himeno to visit the Togei-bu clubroom.
What is the unexpected story that she heard from the senior Toko in the clubroom?

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